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Sunday, January 17, 2010
i'm beginning to like. at 9:24 PM

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another week just gone. Lectures, tutorial, practical. Daily routine. And Mr. sickness came to me, totally sick, so i gave Friday's lesson a miss and im feeling guilty of it(?). Spend the entire day sleeping, and looks like the new clinic i went is not as good as the one i always visit, because the medicine is not working well.

Yesterday, boyf came to find me and bought me pork porridge! (Y) yum. We slacked, played CS together for the entire noon. Took cab to chomp chomp to find hwai shin they all for the outing, cant eat a lot of food due to my sickness. ): But we had a lot of fun, gossips and unglam photos.
Went overnight mahjong at kelly house with jialing and boyf. Cant believe i won 45.4 bucks, first time. johnson and his friend came lately, then they continue playing while i went to sleep. Guess what, kelly's dog (sun) came to lick at my mouth. i was shocked and woke up! -.-

Took cab home this morning with Boyf to my house, and we lie down straight on the bed and sleep like a dead log. wake up @ around 4, did the CRS practice, pass up. then went for dinner at 6plus cause boyf have to go home early.

Tomorrow is another week, endure and endure. Having gem quiz on wednesday, i hope i pass if not i may have to forward gem. ): And And please have another outing soon! (: i cant wait for it!
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