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Sunday, January 17, 2010
i'm beginning to like. at 9:24 PM

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another week just gone. Lectures, tutorial, practical. Daily routine. And Mr. sickness came to me, totally sick, so i gave Friday's lesson a miss and im feeling guilty of it(?). Spend the entire day sleeping, and looks like the new clinic i went is not as good as the one i always visit, because the medicine is not working well.

Yesterday, boyf came to find me and bought me pork porridge! (Y) yum. We slacked, played CS together for the entire noon. Took cab to chomp chomp to find hwai shin they all for the outing, cant eat a lot of food due to my sickness. ): But we had a lot of fun, gossips and unglam photos.
Went overnight mahjong at kelly house with jialing and boyf. Cant believe i won 45.4 bucks, first time. johnson and his friend came lately, then they continue playing while i went to sleep. Guess what, kelly's dog (sun) came to lick at my mouth. i was shocked and woke up! -.-

Took cab home this morning with Boyf to my house, and we lie down straight on the bed and sleep like a dead log. wake up @ around 4, did the CRS practice, pass up. then went for dinner at 6plus cause boyf have to go home early.

Tomorrow is another week, endure and endure. Having gem quiz on wednesday, i hope i pass if not i may have to forward gem. ): And And please have another outing soon! (: i cant wait for it!
you know you love me

Sunday, January 10, 2010
back to action at 10:18 PM

on hiatus for really long, i even have the urge to close down blog due to laziness. anyway is 2010, but is just like another day to me, only the date change.

Today is our anniversary! 100110 Through this one year, quarrel is always the key that make us stronger. At times, we might feel despair because of these quarrel but we still overcome it. The road is still long, perhaps more obstacles are ahead of us, but i will always cherish the time we spent together. i always remember the sentence you told me, " is the quality of time we spend together, not the quantity of it. " Love you, boyf despite you're always being so filthy at times, setting priority wrong, but somehow im just being attracted to you.

Anyway, SPinnovex finally over! stay over in school for 8 days, tiring, enjoyable many words can't be describe it. To sum up, i guess everyone, regardless of my committee or the rest of the club member, really appreciate you guys for supporting us. Without you guys, everything will not be a success, not forgeting hwaishin, kimchoo and adrian, we have work together for one year. thanks for always helping me out when im filled with tasks. I'm here to say, Thank You for supporting.

As for studies, i pass all the paper. I even score 86 for one of the paper which is surprising, because i remember i studied the week before exam. Well, i guess i can get a better grade for the last semester for year 2. After which will be having itp (attachment) while the rest doing FO, and this year, my birthday falls on itp date. ):

Well, im tired now. shall turn in now, holiday officially ended, back to study.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009
time is running out at 10:37 PM


exam timetable is out! great, should i applause or let out my sorrow? im left with two weeks to study , to be exact is one week only. Because im going oversea this coming thursday to sunday which mean i cant study for 4 days. and jesus, i haven been listening in class for my ppm and s&i, cant catch up with my maths. everything, im totally clueless about it. i think i ought to do some study from tomorrow onwards! (i better hold on to my words)

anyway yesterday was mummy 44th birthday! happy birthday mum! <3 this year, i did a photo frame for her, with all our photos. she said she love it a lot! :D and we went to turf city for dinner. dine at ah yi seafood restaurant, i should say i have a sumptuous dinner? abalone, sharkfin, beijing roasted duck and the rest of the 10 course meal. daddy even ordered 3 lobster which cost 200bucks! @@ dear and i eat like nobody business, but poor dear, he was sick and he cant taste anything. lawl! the total bill was like $417.19 if im not wrong, extremely expensive ttm! dear was shocked too! |:

had a good chat with family they all during the dinner, the feeling was great. maybe i should spend more time with my family. Daddy sent dear to school aftermath, because he playing overnight soccer. after which he sent me home, bathe and watch show till 3 then sleep.

Today, dear woke me up early in the morning at 1050am, telling me he's at my house downstair, ask me to open the door for him. i hate him ttm! because he wake me up, but he came my house and sleep, leaving me awake. Thus, i ate my brunch and watch easy fortune happy life. i love the show! <3 i watch from 12-4plus, then dear wake up and snatch my laptop.

so we slacked, until 7plus. went out for dinner at ave 8 as usual. dine @ char-grilled bar again, we never get sick of it. we bought fruits aftermath as usual, and walk home. dear left around 10plus, and im here slacking my hours off again. initially i wanted to sleep before 12, but look at the time now is 1.09am! im having lecture tml at 10am, god bless me i can wake up. :/

Tomorrow will be going back to S&I lab to do our mini project during the free access, and also study after school with monster and vincent. It's not getting early, i guess i should hit the sack now. and my blog look super pinkish, i ought to change the colour soon. on the lighter note, i've got a similar blog like sharon dearxzxz! (:
tags replied:
claris: eventually, we still didnt meet! awwww
Lailai: yuppp ! and i think my blog and yours look super alike!
shin: yaaa, i think i will try to update much, you know im lazyyyy !
you know you love me

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
hiatu for like nobody business + 10 months! at 7:56 PM

unglam, but i love it. (:
the sunflower you gave. :D

okay, im here to clear the dust growing at my blog. i always wanted to blog, in the end i gave up the idea of blogging due to my laziness. anyway i would like to post,

happy 10months baby! love you deep deep luhs, despite you're always too busy for me, and the recent up(s) and down(s). nevertheless, it still bring us strong! (:

school has started for like 3 weeks, lesson was still manageble except for S&I. guess i have to seek hwaishin for help. )): and this month, is filled with events. super busy, and extremely tired please. i need my sleep!

and so, today school ended at 12pm, extreme early which is a good thing. baby and i went clementi , had lunch at sumo house. kind of sad, today he cant accompany me again. ): i was too tired, so i went home first. 1 hour trip back home, was a long trip. i had a good nap, reached home at 2.30pm, shower then went to sleep again.

woke up at 7, dinner and slack until now. actually i kind of like this kind of life, taking afternoon nap. guess next time, if after school, i have nothing on, i shall go home and leave dear in school. :x okay, im kind of sleepy again, maybe i shall go and sleep! :D pity my tagboard, is like rot until nobody cares. and and i got myself a new nick, pig. -.-
you know you love me

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
away to camp at 9:19 PM

people ask me to eat back the cheek i once had.

the usavich rabbit toy ! people please tell me where to get it ! the show is funny too! :D
sleepover at hwaishin house.

lantern festival with girlf.
lantern festival(again!) with clubmates and dearxzxzx !

after a few week of laziness, here to post. school is starting soon, spent the entire holiday doing camp. this year, i dont feel that doing camp is tedious as compared to last year. moreover, i still get to work at it fair, earn some peanuts so i can buy some clothes to pamper myself. (:

the entire holiday , i spent it quite wisely even though we have to go school 5 days per week. i remember 3 weeks ago, went over to hwaishin house and stay over. had lots of fun, gossiping. next time we shall have another sleep over.

then lantern festival, i had two times of celebration. one is with girlf, which is the usual stuff. we had steamboat, and even took Polaroid photo! then the second celebration is at club. had a lot fun, stay over in school. dear bought me a shirt and bag from his ipoh trip! (: thanks dear.

last saturday went to jurong swimming pool with dear, had a fun time over there despite the weather was utterly bad. because when we were playing, it was drizzling. then when we leaving, the sun was out. ruined our tanning plan! we went to jurong point ate LJS, then went arcade. dear nearly caught the usavich for me! )): outside rarely sell, we shall try our luck and go find.

met junjie and kelvin later, we had chi zha for dinner. chit chat a lot! went over to dear's house, then sleep. morning i wake up, dear's grandma told us, ahboy bite my slipper till it spoilt. i was so hot headed! because it was my birthday present from dear. )): then we scolded ahboy.

sunday, went over to my house, move some furniture and had our dinner. then yesterday, was sy birthday. had zhi cha for our dinner, chilli crab + black pepper crab and buns! yummy to the max! short celebration, then dear went off for prep camp. miss him! he better take care of himself, cause he got some insect bites and it spread from his hand to leg, then neck. -.-

ohwell, im going camp from this thursday to saturday. i feel so bad, i cant make it for the shopping trip monster organise! ))): recently monster like treating me so bad! D: sad-ed, best friend become like that! sobs. tomorrow i'll be staying in school because thursday have to reach at 7, apparently im very good at been late. and late comer have to be fine for 5bucks, then i'd rather sleep on the hard floor then paying the money. LAWL!

i will update again! (: and i cant wait to go night safari with dear for the halloween night next saturday (i hope!) and the genting trip with dear and his famiy! :DDDDDDD and and have i ever said i have got a cute dear ! :D look at the solo photo i post for him. hees!

to see all the photos, please go im lazy to upload everything. :/ and i have change my blog song to jaysean- down and tokio hotel- automatic. i so addicted! :D actually i wanted to put falling for you - colbie caillat. INFLUENCE BY KENGYING, I GOT SUDDEN URGE TOO! WHICH IS BRACESSSSSS !
you know you love me

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